Celtis occidentalis, RIP


I am happy to report that electrons began to flow once more through the atrophied main bus of our home at about 7:30 pm Monday night, eight days and a few hours since last they’d made the rounds. Evidently “only” a couple thousand LG&E customers remain without power. The company says the “vast majority” of those should be restored by today or tomorrow.

Compared with the roofless, sodden sufferings of Cuba, Houston, and Galveston, Louisville metro’s inconvenience was a trifle. But Ike was an arboreal disaster for the city, which—like most of the eastern US—is carved out of a forest. If we could cut, split, dry, and burn every tree or limb felled by this storm, we’d be able to forego Middle Eastern oil for a couple of years, though at the cost of a Shanghai-level smog cover. (Obvious solution: oxygenated wood.)

Arborist + chainsaw = firewood

Included in this leafy toll was one of our ailing backyard hackberry trees, which had its main trunk split by the storm winds. Ever since, it has been swinging precariously by its remaining cellulosic tendrils. It has been a bit puny the last couple of years, always the last to sprout its leaves and the first to drop them, and never really filling out its canopy with green; but we’d hoped to save it for the little bit of shade it provides our patio during the afternoon. It was not to be; the arborist finally arrived Monday to put it out of its misery. At least it was thoughful enough not to fling itself onto our house, or the neighbors’ heads.

Just the lower trunk remains

Now that the Jobo is back up and running, I have to attack the backlog of undeveloped film on my desk.


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