Amon Carter visit

We spent last week in that sprawling, wind-blown megalopolis known as the Metroplex, aka Dallas/Fort Worth, visiting relatives during spring break. Because my kids were not already bored and cranky enough, we dragged them to Fort Worth for the day to see the Stockyards. Although they were entertained watching authentically-kitted cowpokes coax into desultory asphalt march a phlegmatic mini-herd of elderly longhorn cattle, this bribe proved to be insufficient compensation for our trip to the Amon Carter Museum afterward. Count it as a smashing success for the adults, at least.

Make time for a visit to the Carter if you ever find yourself in the area; it is worth the jaunt south and west from the airport. The museum houses a fine collection of photography, including the original Richard Avedon In The American West prints, among many others. Of the three current exhibitions there, my favorite was “Challenging Vision“, the work of Barbara Crane. I must sheepishly admit I had never heard of her before seeing this exhibit; the breadth and depth of her work defy easy description. She’s been making images for decades, and seems to straddle the fine art and commercial divide (such as it is) with an astoundingly diverse and beautiful body of work.

Best of all, all of this kull-cha comes with free admission. And the kids did like the gift shop; after all, their acculturation has to start somewhere.


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