Recent blog action

Up to my neck in recent preparations for PhotoNOLA, I forgot to mention some blog love I’ve received. Grazie mille to Jin Zhu and Jeffrey Michael Smith for giving me the time of day on their respective blogs Shooting Wide Open and Academy A. I really appreciate your showing my work, guys*, and your kind and insightful comments. I’ve added both of these blogs to my feed reader, and I encourage everyone to check them out.

And speaking of PhotoNOLA—I just got back early this morning. I expect to have more to say about the experience here, but for now a simple “WOW” should suffice. On display were both exceptional photographic work of the highest caliber from sixty participants from all over the US and abroad; and a warm and welcoming spirit befitting the reputation of the host city—which happens to be the city of my birth.

More on that once I’ve assimilated it all, and gotten organized.

*Zhu is a female-type person.


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