Review Santa Fe countdown

I leave for Review Santa Fe in four days. I’m pumped, to say the least.

Getting last-minute stuff done over the holiday weekend. I’d like to break from my usual preparation method, which is to find I have to work through the night before I depart to catch up on stuff that went awry. Would be a nice, and stress-reducing, change of M.O.

I hope to be tweeting, Facebook-ing, and/or blogging about my RSF experience as time and mindspace allow, so stay tuned on those venues.

Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Review Santa Fe countdown

  1. Luck? You my friend have already made all the luck you need by doing the work and getting past the velvet rope. The bulk of the luck part is over, now what you need is a steady stream of eyes to look at your work and offer you numerous exhibitions and book deals that you deserve. I wish you luck in having receptive and intelligent reviewers with more than a bit of mojo to throw around for you. Have a ball! Mike


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