Commerce, and pending reviews

A few things going on here at Sebastian Empire World Headquarters:

First, Gear for sale. I’m in one of my periodic spasms of consolidate and simplify. I’ve acquired over the years a lot of gear, much of it not ideal for how and what I shoot these days. Contact me if you’re seriously interested and we’ll discuss price. I’d love to sell to someone in my real-world or online communities, rather than messing with eBay or Craigslist. I’m flexible on payment methods; a check from a US bank in dollars would be welcome, as it saves me PayPal fees, but it delays your shipment until it clears. I’ll give you seven days after receipt to look stuff over and make sure it works like I say. If not, ship it back (your dime) and you get a refund less payment fees.

Mamiya 7. This 7 (not 7ii) body has been regularly maintained by Mamiya USA. The rangefinder was recently calibrated and is dead accurate, and the camera CLA’d. I’ve also over time had this camera upgraded with all the features of the 7ii, such as the brighter/clearer viewfinder, and added strap lugs to enable a more conventional top-deck strap attachment. The only 7ii feature it now lacks is the multi-exposure capability; yet it retains the 7’s more-robust metal shutter-curtain switch. (the 7ii’s is plastic, and evidently breaks too frequently.) The camera shows use—it would probably get a good-minus from KEH—but it’s completely functional. I almost hate to sell this camera, but I can’t justify keeping it with the Fuji GF670 en route (see below.) Lenses: 50, 80, 150. These are all excellent or like-new, with caps and hoods. I may even have a box or two. Glass is pristine. They’ve all been calibrated with the body, so focusing is spot-on. [I’d like to sell the whole kit and kaboodle if possible.]

Nikon D300. Low miles, excellent or better shape. I just don’t use it very much. Box, caps, original (hideous) Nikon strap, manual, warranty stuff. It’s got an extended warranty still in place, good until the end of November. And I may well be selling like-new 14-24, 24-70, and 70-200 pro zoom lenses this spring, so put that back-of-mind in case. [SOLD]

Mamiya RZ67. Pro II and Pro bodies with WLF’s. The Pro II is Good, plus/minus; the Pro, EXC or better. 90, 127, and 180 lenses, all with pristine glass and EXC barrels, with hoods and caps. Several 120 6×7 backs, all with overhauled seals and covers. AE Prism II with cap.  Focusing magnifier. Two one rare and pricey 120/220 6×6 back. Brightscreen focusing screen. Dual Mirror Lock Up cable release. Really Right Stuff QR plate. This is another camera I almost hate to sell, it’s so good, solid, and reliable. Alas. [Edit: forgot to add that I also have two Polaroid backs that take the smaller size Fuji instant pack film—Mamiya-roid photography is extremely cool! There is also a contoured grip with electronic release. I think that’s it….] [As of 11/15/10, only the Pro body, cable release, a 120 6×7 back or two, and one 120/220 6×6 back remain, along with the polaroid backs.]

Contax 645. Assorted lenses, including the 35, 55, 120 Macro, 210, and even the rare and awesome 350 Tele-Apo-Tessar. All glass is pristine, and caps are included. I have hoods for some. The 35 has a bit of wear where hood attaches, but is otherwise EXC; the 55, 120, and 210 are like new, as is the 350. I have a few other assorted odd ‘n ends, like electronic cable releases and a battery grip. I sold the bodies and other stuff already. [As of 11/15/10, I have the 35, 55, 120 Macro, and 350 lenses; plus I forgot to mention the 1.4x teleconverter, an extension tube (the shortest one, I think), plus a 120/220 back or two, with inserts; plus cable releases and assorted flash cables. I also have a TLA 360 TTL flash unit I forgot to mention before.]

Mamiya C220. Body in good to exc condition; I bought this at an estate sale a few years back; the owner treated it very gently, it appears. I just don’t have time to give it the love it deserves. Has WLF, prism, and chimney finders. 55, 80, 105, 135, and 180 lenses. Caps for most or all. Shutters work; I had a couple of them CLA’d by Paul Ebel. [11/15/10 still available.]

Other matters:

Portra 400. Anyone seen any? It’s supposed to ship late this month or early next month. I’m eager to try it, and I intend to do a review comparing it side by side with both extinct flavors of Portra 400.

Fuji GF670 / Bessa 667. I have one on order, scheduled to arrive this week. I’ll be taking it with me on an upcoming family vacation, as my sole camera. I’ll be reviewing it also, specifically comparing it to the Mamiya 7 I currently use. The plan is to replace the Mamiya 7 with the Fuji folder, since the vast majority of my Mamiya 7 shooting is done with the 80mm lens anyway. There aren’t many reviews out there of these cameras, at least done in a systematic and complete way. I’ll try to help out with that deficiency. [11/15/10: I’ve since posted a review of this camera. Go to the main blog header and look for it a few posts newer than this one.]

So let me hear from you about the gear, and stay tuned for those reviews.


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