New Directions 2011 at wall space, Santa Barbara

K, West Virginia, June 2010

I am delighted to be part of the New Directions 2011 show, Moments of Being, in January at wall space gallery in Santa Barbara, California.

My thanks to juror David Bram for including my work, and to Crista Dix and her staff at wall space for making the whole thing possible. It was my pleasure to have met Crista as one of my reviewers this past June at Review Santa Fe (Crista, if you’re reading this—FILM!)

The show opens January 4th, and runs through the month. An opening reception is planned for January 12, at the gallery.


6 thoughts on “New Directions 2011 at wall space, Santa Barbara

  1. Congratulations, Michael. That’s the kind of picture that will be “timeless”. The subject (your son?) seems on the cusp between adolescence and adulthood- some of each in the expression.

    Will you be going out to the opening?


    1. Rick, Mike, unfortunately no trip to Santa Barbara. I suspect it’ll be a bit more pleasant than Louisville, Kentucky in January. I have a work conflict I won’t be able to work out, I’m afraid. Rick, that’s my daughter; and she is, alas, well past the cusp.


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