Blog love and New Directions

I was pleased to find my work 52 Miles mentioned by Zane Davis earlier this month on his blog Plane of Focus. Thanks, Zane!

Zane had found me, in turn, via Emily Shur’s recent roundup of gallery openings, among which she mentioned New Directions 2011 Moments of Being. This exhibition of contemporary portraiture is on display through this month at wall space gallery in Santa Barbara, and moves north to their Seattle gallery for a February run.

I’m happy to have this occasion, therefore, to again thank curator David Bram of Fraction for including my work in this show; and wall space owner Crista Dix and her staff for making it happen (Patricia, this means YOU!)

Looking at this post as I write it, studded with hyperlinks to virtual places hither and yon, I’m amazed all over again at the power of all this interconnected-ness, even as I’m at times bewildered by it all.


2 thoughts on “Blog love and New Directions

  1. congratulations Michael on all this well deserved recognition. I agree with you too, this interconnected-ness is rather mind blowing at times, but thank goodness for it because it means I get to ‘meet’ fellow photographers such as you that inspire me.


  2. Indeed, exactly what you and Deborah said. It is an amazing world we live in. 15 years ago, if we did the work we do, it would sit in a box on a shelf, and maybe 10 people would ever see it, now, it’s the whole world. Thanks Al Gore for inventing the internet!

    Congratulations Mike, all the attention is purely the outcome of your excellent work done with intelligence, sensitivity, and persistence. It’s well deserved, and I have no doubt that there will be much more to come.


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