Catching up some good news

A few items I have neglected to post:

First, the good folks at One One Thousand, who were kind enough to feature my work in their December 2010 issue, repeated their mistake a few weeks ago on their blog. There, they foolishly invited me to hold forth as part of their “Visual Influences” series, wherein photographers discuss, ahem, their visual influences. Hold forth, I did.

Second, I was delighted recently to have licensed one of my favorite images, “Big Wheel“, to a textbook publisher as an illustration to accompany a poem within a college-textbook poetry anthology, estimated circulation 50,000. I’m pumped about this. The textbook’s editors saw the image in The New York Times Magazine back in November of last year, and got in touch with me. (That, in turn, was a direct result of my having participated in Critical Mass last summer.) Not sure when the book is coming out; I’ll let you know of course.

Third, I’m going to be involved in a new online collaboration which will debut soon. Like, tomorrow. That, too, I’ll post.

So don’t touch that dial.


2 thoughts on “Catching up some good news

  1. Hey Mike, congrats on another One One Thousand feature. Interesting to see where you’re coming from and why. Can’t go wrong with Soth, Sternfeld and Eggleston. I count them as influences on my work also, among many others too. Let me know what your collaboration will be, I’m looking forward to it.


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