A New Collaboration

In my last post I mentioned a new collaboration I’d be revealing “soon”. Well, “soon” dissolved into “next month”, and frankly, I forgot to do any revealing. And you will doubtless have noticed the scarcity of blog posts here. Hmmm.

Well, one big reason is that David Bram, editor of Fraction Magazine, has asked me to write a monthly column for the Fraction blog. So I’m pretty darn excited abou this opportunity to spew forth my wisdom upon an even larger audience.

As things stand now, the column will appear on the Fraction blog mid-month, around the 15th; and that same column will also be linked and archived with each issue of Fraction the magazine, which appears the first of every month.

The column debuted April 15th; you can read it here on the blog, or here in the magazine.

You do read Fraction, don’t you? It’s a must for anyone who loves contemporary photography. One visit will explain why.

I’ll still be blogging here periodically, but in a fairly crowded work, family, and artistic life, I’m hard pressed to put out a thoughtful, well-done blog post more than once a month. But keep this blog in your feed reader anyway; but be sure to do the same over at Fraction.


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