Lishui Photo Festival 2011, Courtesy of Fraction Magazine

Not sure why I’ve not yet mentioned this, but here goes.

I am honored and way-beyond-pleased to represent Fraction Magazine at the Lishui Photo Festival in Lishui, China, from November 4 – 10. I’ll be displaying a selection of images from my series 52 Miles.

Also representing Fraction will be photographer and educator extraordinaire Jim Stone. We two and Fraction editor / curator David Bram will be accompanied by two others whose names I’ll not mention lest we sully their reputations by association!

We are also spending a few days in Shanghai at both ends of the trip, where we will be mere specks among some twenty-three million people in the world’s most populous megalopolis. I’m getting agoraphobic just thinking about it.

My goals are modest: to avoid foodborne illness and North Korean prison camps, have a great time, and return with a lot of interesting photographs.

I expect to be blogging this adventure in real time to some extent during this trip, venue TBD. Google Plus has become the center of my much-reduced social-networking activity, so my Google Plus profile would be a great place to start.


5 thoughts on “Lishui Photo Festival 2011, Courtesy of Fraction Magazine

    1. Thank you, Stella. I hope to be able to blog in real time during the trip, but I have no idea how busy they’ll have us there.

      I am completely pumped about going. It’s hard to believe.


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