Ten hours gone

1200Z, 6 hours left, over Laptev sea between Russia and Siberia.

I downed an Ambien and tried to sleep. I got maybe 4 fitful hours, but even in the relatively plush confines of “economy comfort”, I could find no position in which something didn’t cry “uncle” to an armrest or seat edge or passing drink cart.

I can further testify that awakening before the recommended 8 post-Ambien hours have elapsed is not a state for decision-making.

Our collapsed-passenger distress call earlier turned out to be a dehydrated, sleepless Chinese passenger (US resident) who self medicated with OTC cold remedies and red wine, got to feeling dizzy, and fell out en route from lav to seat.

Nothing serious, but the Delta people were all over me and the pulmonary / critical care doc from Seattle who’d gotten there first. They had reams of forms and reports for him to sign, and were pressing us for status updates for the pilot. I guess it’s a costly pain to have to divert an aircraft to an unscheduled landing in God knows where to get some poor bugger to hospital.

Anyway, Delta gave us both travel vouchers and drinks as a token of appreciation; an offer of a biz-class upgrade was not forthcoming.

For that perk, and the sleep it would facilitate, I’d do CPR from here to Manchuria.


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