Enter Tumblr

If you’ve been following me here for any length of time, you’ve noticed that the volume of posts has, ahem, fallen off quite a bit this past year.

There are a few reasons for that, mainly having to do with time — as in, not enough of it. Time to think about topics I think you’d like to read about; time to develop those topics into well-written blog posts of a length adequate to do justice to the subject. I am by nature a long-form writer and thinker; I tend to want to wrap my head around a topic, ponder it, and explore it thoroughly in words. Lots of words.

But this kind of thinking and writing takes time and energy, both of which I’m finding increasingly in short supply around my many other commitments. This crunch only got worse when I started writing for Fraction Magazine. I practically stopped writing here at all. It was tough enough to maintain a flow of high-quality written output for one or the other blogs, let alone both.

Moreover, my penchant for bulkier prose seems to run counter to the prevailing blogosphere zeitgeist, which wants more-frequent and shorter posts that emphasize images and video over text alone. That is fine with me; I’d like to do more posts based on images —mine or others’— to prompt sharing and discussion. So I’m trying to re-train myself to think in shorter chunks of prose, with more emphasis on images, which I can post more frequently, yet still meet my own expectations for the quality of the output. Though WordPress has steadily improved in this regard, images and video still seem a bit like grafted-on appendages here, rather than organic parts of an integrated whole.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more with my Tumblr account. For those of you who don’t know it, Tumblr is a very simple and attractive micro-blogging platform that makes it easy and nearly brainless to post text, images, video, audio, or what have you. Whereas WordPress is on its surface a blogging platform, underneath it’s a high-powered Content Management System for websites. Tumblr, on the other hand, is much more lightweight and simple. Tumblr can’t do everything WordPress can do; but much of the time, it does what I need.

I’ll keep this blog active, and I’ll use it when it seems appropriate. I’ll also try to cross post from Tumblr to here, and vice versa, at least for a while. And I intend to send out a notice to Facebook and Twitter whenever something gets posted anywhere. Keeping all of this straight is exhausting, and I’m investigating the tools necessary to make everything automatic. Bear with me as I get it all sorted.

So thank you for your attention and support here. Keep this blog in your feed readers, and in your hearts and minds; but make room for (yet) another one, my Tumblr feed.

It will live at http://blog.michaelsebastian.com.



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