Catching up some good news

A few items I have neglected to post:

First, the good folks at One One Thousand, who were kind enough to feature my work in their December 2010 issue, repeated their mistake a few weeks ago on their blog. There, they foolishly invited me to hold forth as part of their “Visual Influences” series, wherein photographers discuss, ahem, their visual influences. Hold forth, I did.

Second, I was delighted recently to have licensed one of my favorite images, “Big Wheel“, to a textbook publisher as an illustration to accompany a poem within a college-textbook poetry anthology, estimated circulation 50,000. I’m pumped about this. The textbook’s editors saw the image in The New York Times Magazine back in November of last year, and got in touch with me. (That, in turn, was a direct result of my having participated in Critical Mass last summer.) Not sure when the book is coming out; I’ll let you know of course.

Third, I’m going to be involved in a new online collaboration which will debut soon. Like, tomorrow. That, too, I’ll post.

So don’t touch that dial.


Finding the right tools

Chaos and clutter having finally brought my home-office space to the point of uninhabitability a couple of weeks ago, I was forced to start cleaning it out. I have more still to do, but at least I can now walk across the room without having to climb over things. And I made a re-discovery that sent me down memory lane; prompted some further thoughts about finding the right equipment for the work you want to do; and reminded me how limiting it can be to use the wrong equipment, knowingly or not. More on that anon. Continue reading

Blog love and New Directions

I was pleased to find my work 52 Miles mentioned by Zane Davis earlier this month on his blog Plane of Focus. Thanks, Zane!

Zane had found me, in turn, via Emily Shur’s recent roundup of gallery openings, among which she mentioned New Directions 2011 Moments of Being. This exhibition of contemporary portraiture is on display through this month at wall space gallery in Santa Barbara, and moves north to their Seattle gallery for a February run.

I’m happy to have this occasion, therefore, to again thank curator David Bram of Fraction for including my work in this show; and wall space owner Crista Dix and her staff for making it happen (Patricia, this means YOU!)

Looking at this post as I write it, studded with hyperlinks to virtual places hither and yon, I’m amazed all over again at the power of all this interconnected-ness, even as I’m at times bewildered by it all.

New Directions 2011 at wall space, Santa Barbara

K, West Virginia, June 2010

I am delighted to be part of the New Directions 2011 show, Moments of Being, in January at wall space gallery in Santa Barbara, California.

My thanks to juror David Bram for including my work, and to Crista Dix and her staff at wall space for making the whole thing possible. It was my pleasure to have met Crista as one of my reviewers this past June at Review Santa Fe (Crista, if you’re reading this—FILM!)

The show opens January 4th, and runs through the month. An opening reception is planned for January 12, at the gallery.

Fuji GF670 Medium Format Rangefinder: A Review

I recently tested the Fujifilm GF670 folding medium-format rangefinder camera over nearly a month of intermittent use. As promised, I wanted to share my experience with this camera. The bottom line for me is that, though I liked many things about the camera, and think it’s a fine photographic instrument, I have returned it to the vendor. The reason? Ergonomics. Bear with me as I elaborate on this decision. Continue reading

New York Times Magazine 2010-11-05

In case anyone missed my shameless Facebook and Twitter chest-thumping over the weekend, let me point you to The New York Times Magazine (online and print), where my photograph appeared this weekend. The image accompanied “Fantasy Politics,” Christopher Caldwell’s thought-provoking essay on the state of the American Dream.

Here’s the link. My thanks to Clinton Cargill at the Times for remembering the work from his stint as a 2010 Critical Mass juror, and for making this happen.

Vacation debrief

We made it home late Saturday evening from our week spent roaming the Southwest. It was a fun but exhausting family expedition; and it further confirmed my love for the region. I’d like to live in New Mexico or Arizona someday. And evidently, October is a great time to visit; it was never uncomfortably hot anywhere; the light was glorious.

I shot many pictures—18 rolls of 120, to be exact, with the Mamiya 7 and the Hasselblad. I was in dad/tourist mode rather than Serious Photographer mode, so I expect few of these to rise above the level of snapshot—we’ll see. All day yesterday the Jobo whirled away; the processing is done, and I’ll be scanning and posting as quickly as I can get to it. I expect to be dribbling images your way (mostly via my Flickr feed or social media) for weeks to come as I slog through this backlog.

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