Arrival in Shanghai

I made it.

The flight was a surreal experience. The Ambien I took to try to reorient myself through sleep to a twelve-hour time differential only gave me about
4 hours’ restless sleep, and produced a strange sense of time compression. There are large chunks of the flight I simply can’t account for. Perhaps it’s just as well.

I’m now holed up in the airport bar waiting for the rest of my travel companions to arrive. Got about 2 hours to wait.

Immigration and customs was efficient, quick, and friendly — more so than my recollection of US customs when returning home. Not exactly warm, mind you, but pleasant and businesslike,  and not off-putting.

The weather is appalling right now — overcast and rainy, as it’s forecast to be for much of the next week. And the humidity, and general unaggressiveness of the air conditioning, conspire to produce an overall sogginess that, atop 24 hours of travel grunge, has me longing for hotel and shower.

For now,  this half-pint will have to do, as I hurry up and wait.